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  • French Box-Calf leather and canva
  • Made in Italy
  • Craft excellence

Guibert riding boots

2 195 €

The boots Guibert made to measure are a piece of luxury.

Entirely made in box calf leather, from a world-renowned French tannery, the boots Guibert necessitate a measurement of 12 points per leg and foot of the rider – a unique requirement. Cut and sewn by hand in Italy they come in three forms : Saumur, Derby and Richelieu.

Payment 3 times with alma

    The boots Guibert ,made to measure, in luxury box calf leather made in France are made in Italy.

    These answer all the imperatives of comfort, technicality and security. Adjusted, they shape round the leg for perfect , impeccable contact . The sole is in leather with a layer of rubber designed to fit to the stirrup. Two thicknesses of zip to choose from.

    More than 12 leg and foot measurements are necessary to create a unique , personal product. The rider can choose 3 leather forms (Saumur, Derby, Richelieu) and 30 colours, multiple finishes without any difference in price.

    Measurements are carried out by appointment.

    Please make contact by telephone (+33 1 53 64 74 74) or email ([email protected]).

    Composition French Box-Calf leather and canva

    The care of your boots is carried out in three steps: cleaning,nourishing, polishing.

    - cleaning : lightly moisten a sponge with water and clean the leather paying particular attention to the parties in contact with the horse.;

    - nourishing : once the leather is dry apply, using a cloth or brush, a polish, ideally the cream polish Guibert which will nourish and shine the leather. Insist on areas in contact with the horse to penetrate the polish ;

    - polishing : before wearing the boots remove any excess cream polish and shine the boots with a soft brush.

High quality zipper
12 measures per leg