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Know How "Our equestrian origins demand excellence."

The Independent Rider.

Guibert saddlery has always provided for the rider and its collections are available exclusively from the website or the boutique in Paris (without any intermediary or network) to offer the very best quality at a fair price.

We care deeply about know-how, and materials at a good price, and we take care to work only with the best in the field. Most artisans we work with come from France, a country known for culture, innovation and high standards, but we also look to Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Germany in our search for exceptional talent.

From the quality of the leather, to cutting and assembly, right down to the thread and stitching, we strive for excellence.

The design

We are fortunate to have talented young designers who understand our universe and apply a purity of style that enhances the materials’ beauty, giving our creations a timeless allure.

Saddle stitch

Used both in saddlery and leatherware the saddle stitch is a hand-sewn process involving two needles, which ensures that each individual stitch is double-facing.

The workshops

The French and Spanish craftsmen we have selected combine their artisanal skills with their quality and innovation. They work exclusively for world-renowned luxury houses.


As we only work with natural leathers for our luxury products, cutting is a critical step in the process, requiring great skill and respect for the material.

Metal hardware

Traditional nickel-plated brass is used for hardware, as a nod to the saddler’s heritage as well as for quality and durability.

The thread

For saddles, bridles and belts we use a high-resistance German thread for unparalleled strength. It has a special shine that highlights the saddles’ stitching.

The staining

This last step of hand finishing ensures the beauty of each piece of leather, and requires meticulous sanding, buffing and the application of four layers of pigments.

The zipper

From design to final finishing, nothing is left to chance. The zipper comes from a luxury Italian house, and is both supple and soft to the touch. The result of all these painstaking details is a unique product that rises to the level of art.