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Taurillon leather, sapphire

The taurillon is a French full-grown leather (semi-aniline), drummed, glossy mat and grained. Its smooth touch, supple and natural, the finesse of its grain and the depth of its tint makes this an upmarket leather for any kind of leatherware.

The structure of taurillon and its tanning offers a better resistance to everyday wear like scratches and a light patina develops with time.

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Created in 1927 in the south-west of France and supplying the finest luxury brands, this tannery possesses a constant desire to innovate and improve its know-how and has become a world reference.

Maison Guibert has been able, thanks to a rare mastering of dyeing, to develop a special range of colours with rich, deep tones.

This full-grained supple and smooth leather develops a slight shine thus enhancing its noble allure. Its grained structure and tanning offer a better resistance to everyday wear.


In order to preserve the beauty of your leather products, we recommend that you note the following advice :


◌ Take care not to scratch or rub your product against abrasive surfaces ;

◌ Protect your product from humidity and direct heat like radiators or the insides of cars in summer ;

◌ Avoid contact with the following products : liquid, hand cream, hand antiseptics, makeup and perfume ;

◌ Should the bag come into contact with water, dry it far from sources of direct heat. Once dry, if the leather has not obtained its natural suppleness you can apply, with a soft cloth, a milk makeup cleanser with a neutral pH throughout. Begin with an area non-visible to test the reaction of the leather and if this succeeds it will accelerate the natural patina ;

◌ When not in use, we advise you to keep your article in its protective cotton cover furnished with the product to protect it against humidity, raised temperatures and non-ventilated areas.


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