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  • Agneau
  • Made in France
  • Craft excellence

Men full-leather Saumur gloves, taupe

245 €

In the tradition of gloves of luxury, the Saumur Guibert gloves are cut and in by hand at Millau in Aveyron using the best leathers. Full grain leather, not lined, with a finesse of touch that resembles a second skin, combined with a purity of design and handmade.

Payment 3 times with alma

    The gloves Guibert are cut and handmade in France, at Millau, a world capital for luxury gloves. The Saumur model is in lamb suede, non-lined. Particularly adapted to people who wish to have a sensation of a delicate touch, the Saumur glove come from equitation and the colours and design bring a timeless elegance to town.  

    Composition Agneau

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