House of Guibert

The House of Guibert , the Parisian saddler, was founded in 1999.

Pierre Guibert, an impassioned rider, established his saddlery from the beginning as one of total French excellence. This quest for perfection in the world of horse riding requires that each step in the design of products and the craft of leather is destined for a similarly passionate clientele.

The materials, always natural, are selected according to the highest quality and combine a design both refined and timeless allowing a perfect harmony of each creation to its function.

Quality, simplicity and functional are the fundamentals of the House of Guibert Paris which perpetuates a universe where an ancient savoir-faire has been elevated to an art.

The exclusive French fabrication equally underlines, in addition, the unique character of the House of Guibert and where this universe is personified in the boutique situated at 22 Avenue Victor Hugo, at close proximity to the Arc de Triomphe, place de l’Etoile.

From saddlery,leatherware through to silk and jewellery the House of Guibert gives body , season after season, to the equestrian lifestyle à la française.


Le Quarter Marker


The Quarter Markers are geometrical symbols of military origin designed on the hindquarters of the horse by stencils through which the hair ,smooth or brushed against the natural way, gives rise to an alternating brightness against a mat appearance and thus forming a required motif.

Appearing in the XVI century its goal was to impress opposing regiments – the embellishment of the hindquarters in such a way served as an illusion as to the true state and force of the cavalry.

Used today for purely aesthetic ends, one can find them at the finest equestrian competitions ,as well as military ceremonial appearances such as those of the Republican Guard or other meetings of both mounted army and police in France or abroad.

This historical tradition the House of Guibert has known how to lay claim to by designing its own Quarter Marker, an equestrian mark found as an underlying theme on the House accessories from canvas bags and leather ware to silk items.


Le cuir Barenia Indiana

Indiana , created 60 years ago in Barr, Alsace, belongs to an exclusive , closed circle of the best leathers in the world where it is the material of choice for the finest luxury houses

The skins, of a vastly superior quality, are subjected to a drastic selection to ensure that only the finest make the grade : in the end , only 15-20 % are considered worthy of being in Indiana.


However, this is not to think that Indiana is just a leather of prestige because ,above all, it is the expression of French savoir-faire and held in secret by only one such tannery in the world.

What makes this leather unique is its natural finish : the full blossoming appears in its brute elegance. Its incomparable touch and sensuality, its patina enhanced with the passing of time and its characteristic aroma are all witness to its singularity.

Vegetable Leather, extra slow

Vegetable leather comes from an original tanning using exclusively natural products such as tree bark ( in our case of oak and chestnut ) , leaves and pure water and demanding a highly developed savoir-faire linked to the seasonal variations of natural tannins.

The extra-slow issues from a traditional craft centred on the emblematic savoir-faire of French tanners allowing the consistency of a product of high value.

This process, both long and meticulous, requires the savoir-faire of the finest tanners who resist the temptation of an industry wishing to produce ever more and even more quickly. Time is more than ever the first luxury and it is on through giving priority to the noblest material.


Tanned over 12 months (unlike the classical vegetable leather) this extended process allows the leather fibres to retighten slowly without deteriorating in order to conserve the original suppleness of the skin.

This exceptional quality is indispensable for high-class luxury saddles , for which the leather must be not only supple but also robust ,accompanying both the horse and rider without deformation and thus offering the finest sensations.