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  • Made in Switzerland
  • Breathable

Guibert exercise sheet rug

270 €

The horse blanket Guibert is an indispensable part in the daily life of the show jumping horse.  The exclusive part is waterproof,wind-proof, warm and breathable.Its specially developed cut allows it to be used even in jumping without inconveniencing the horse.In addition,its elegance makes all the difference.

    The horse rugs Guibert are made in a Swiss workshop of high technology.The warm material, made in France, with a technical section which is waterproof, breathable , wind-proof and available in fashionable colours combines perfectly with sportive lines signed Guibert.

    Size: from 125 to 155.

    Breathable Breathable
    Haute précision High precision

    As regards maintenance, its quality offers resistance to washing (40°)

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