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  • Taurillon Pessoa Leather
  • French leather
  • Made in Spain
  • Craft excellence

Zipped purse 8 cards taurillon Pessoa, massaï

228 €

The 8-card purse protects your belongings with a zip while remaining elegant and able to fit in a small bag. The quality of the Pessoa bull leather, made in France, and the expertise of the handmade manufacturing make the difference.

Payment 3 times with alma

    The zipped 8-card purse has been designed as an improvement on the traditional purse. Being svelte it can fit into small bags where it is elegant.

    Its leather interior has 8 places for cards, a zipped pocket for money, 2 large, pleated compartments for bank notes and 2 flat pockets for receipts.

    The material is bull leather, made in France, from a tannery which is a reference for this type of leather in the world of luxury.  Its smooth, glossy mat natural grain is soft to the touch and has deep hues while being very resistant to everyday wear and tear thanks to its grain and semi-aniline tanning. 

    The luxury zip, made in Italy, has been specially created to be soft to the touch.

    This item is handmade in Spain, from Pessoa bull leather, made in France.

    The 8-card zipped pochette comes with a protective cover in cotton and gift box Guibert (made in France).

    Composition Taurillon Pessoa Leather
    Height 3.9 in | 10 cm
    Width 0.8 in | 2 cm
    Length 7,5 in | 19,2 cm
    Leather origin French leather

    Check the manufacturer recommendations for the maintenance of your zipped organizer.

    Check the shipping & returns policy.

Tanned in the South West of France (Aquitaine)
Designed in Paris

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