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  • Cuir végétal
  • フランス産本革
  • 熟練の職人技

Padded atherstone breastplate, gold

318 €

The padded Atherstone breastplate, with detachable martingale has been designed in collaboration with Olivier Lepage, former vet with the French equestrian team, in order to reconcile ergonomy, comfort and solidity. The best French saddle leathers and an expert craftsman fabrication contributes to this aesthetic result.

    The padded Atherstone breastplate with martingale is made from extra-slow tanned vegetable leather and natural calf two leathers from a luxury saddlery made in France. It has been designed to reconcile ergonomy, comfort and solidity. An extended padded area in natural full grain leather guarantees a softness and suppleness to alleviate pressure at the contact points with the horse. The martingale is removable and adjustable to combine the side-reins required. The buckle is in stainless nickel-plated brass.

    Composition Cuir végétal
    レザーの産地 フランス産本革

    Check the manufacturer recommendations for the maintenance of your vegetable leather breastplate.