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馬と騎手 In the beginning was the horse...

At Guibert, we are passionate to the point of madness about horses. In our saddlery, from design to production, we seek perfect accord between the horse and its equipment. This constant search for harmony leads us to prefer simple designs over unnecessary embellishments, out of respect for the comfort and unique elegance of the horse.

The choice of materials is primordial : the most beautiful leathers are obtained from the two finest tanneries in France , their worldwide reputation unquestioned.

In addition, as a tribute to the artisan’s expertise, the saddle stitch stands as a signature to a savoir-faire centred on perfection.

Our pride, stemming from these different steps, is the beauty of our saddles, their incomparable feel, their patina acquired over time all a witness to their singularity.



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